Aims & Objectives

Aims and Objectives of SAFE  Society

We would like to introduce you to the Society for Academic Facilitation and Extension (SAFE), an organization dedicated to the betterment of society through various educational and social initiatives

Our primary objective is to establish and run schools and colleges that provide education from low to higher levels. We aim to provide free education, books, stationery, dress, scholarships, and reward meritorious students in our annual festivals. We also strive to work towards the social, mental, moral, intellectual, physical, and educational development of the general public.

Our efforts are focused on providing vocational training in areas such as sewing, embroidery, music, cookery, beauty parlor, computer hardware/software, and more. Our aim is to make the poor, backward, minorities, old people, disabled, widows, scheduled castes/tribes, women/men of all classes self-reliant and to assist them in becoming eligible for employment.

In addition to our educational efforts, we are committed to environmental protection, agriculture protection, and tree plantation. We run public welfare hospitals, kindergartens, orphanages, old age homes, and leprosy homes for the poor, disabled, orphan children, destitute widows, and old men/women. We also arrange for their food, clothing, medicine, and entertainment facilities such as sports, library, playground, gymnasium, and tourism.

Our organization also provides free training in various fields such as agricultural education, scientific education, technical education, creative education, artistic education, literary education, moral education, and computer education. We work towards eradicating social evils such as child marriage, dowry system, caste system, women empowerment, female foeticide, smoking, untouchables, child labor, and poverty.

SAFE also actively participates in the installation of roadlights, handpumps, road safety, khadja, electricity, drainage, and arrangement of urinal toilets for the poor of urban/rural slums. We also organize seminars, conferences, education sports competitions, debates, awareness camps, legal awareness programs, and consumer protection activities.

Our organization is open to donations, grants, and loan assistance for the welfare and development of youth and the adoption of schemes run by the Central/State Government. We operate under Section 120 of the Societies Reg. Act, 1860, and strive to do all other works necessary for the progress and development of our organization.
We look forward to your support in our endeavors towards a better and more equitable society.